devon family photographer

Devon Family Photoshoot in the Snow

I’m so excited to get to share these images of such a precious family! It very rarely snows in Devon so beautiful snowy family portraits art something i’ve been able to capture until early this month! We walked around Haldon forest which looked like an absolute dream and I captured the beautiful brand family just a month after lovely Ella’s first birthday! Photographing in the snow is just so much fun I do hope it becomes a more regular thing here in the south west!

Autumn Family Photoshoots

Although I absolutely adore wedding photography one of my favourite things to capture is families! A couple of weeks ago I held some more family photoshoots in the beautiful Haldon Forrest! It was such an amazing day, and I had so much fun capturing precious moments for these families!

Forrest Mini Sessions

I absolutely love nature and walking through the beautiful Devon forests. Holden is such a lovely place all year round, with massive trees, stunning views, and lots of wonderful walk ways! I love holding my mini sessions here! Last week I met and photographed 5 beautiful families just before Autumn officially started, however the leaves are already changing and the forrest looked amazing! Here are some highlights from the day!

I’m having more mini sessions here on October 13thy, and 27th so if you’re looking to have some family portraits taken do be in touch!

Starting Angel Wade Photography

Hi everybody! I've never blogged before and am not quite sure what I'm doing, where to start or where to go, but I thought it would be a nice idea for me to create a space where I talk about all things photography, from my weddings, family portraits, to my personal work and projects.

I started this website back in 2014 as a place to put all my photos together in a portfolio and create a space for my photography to grow. Until about 2015 I never really used it very much, only occasionally uploaded new photos, but generally the website was ignored. In June 2016 a lot had changed with my photography style and where I wanted to take my business. This June is when I found out the reasons I couldn't go to university and that scared me as for a year I had had my next 3 years planned out and I was excited! However when the plans changed I had no idea what I was going to do and all my plans came crashing down. A couple of days later I decided that I was't going to let higher education be my life priority so decided to go ahead and work full time as a freelance photographer, so start my business properly.

From here I updated all my camera equipment, updated my website, and stated advertising. This was the best decision I have made in terms of my photography career and I'm so excited to see where it take me. However in August I started working full time as a digital marketing apprentice, and am loving every moment of it! Although Monday to Friday is work, and my weekends are booked up with shoots I'm so happy and wouldn't give up either! Being busy and working hard towards two things I love is the most satisfying thing ever.

I've started this blog to document both my professional and personal photography, so you should expect me rambling about beautiful weddings, lovely families and couples, or some of my favourite places and people. I want to document ideas, politics, interesting people, and my relatively mundane daily life. At the moment I will try post once a week either Saturday or Sunday.

Follow my Instagram @angel.wade to see more day to day updates of my life/photography!