Frequently Asked Questions

What is your style?

My Style is a little mix of fine-art and documentry photography. I love beautiful tarditional portraits however I approuch the day naturally as it happens and won't be asking you to pose every 5 minutes. My approuch to your day is very relaxed and I photograph the day how you dreamed and planned. I like to take you and your partner for 30-60 minutes for your portraits, to capture you at sunset somwhere beautiful around your venue.

Where are you based?

I am curently based in Exeter, Devon. However I travel often and shoot weddings across the UK.

Do you travel for weddings?

Yes definitly! I'm happy to travel anywhere in the world for your wedding day! I love traveling and visiting unique and beautiful places so no where is too far. I am happy to cover everywhere and anywhere from Devon and Cornwall to the deserts of Marrakech!

When and how will we recieve the mages?

You will recieve your images between 4-6 weeks after the date of your wedding and they will be deliverd in high resolution in an online gallery that you are able to download directly to your computer, tablet or phone. You will also be able to purchase prints, mounted prints, canvases, and albums directly from the gallery.

What happens if you are sick or injured on my wedding day?

In the extremely unlikely event that I will be unable to attend your wedding, I have a network of amazing photographers who will be able to cover me on your day in the same way as I would.

Yes of course if group photos are what you and your partner are wanting! I typicaly say to limit the amout of group photos to 8-10 as it can take a big chunk of time of you spending time enjoying your day with your guests.

Do you do group photos?

I use A Canon 5D Mark IV, and a 5D Mark III as my main camera bodies as well a series of prime and zoom Canon L lenses. I also have a Sony A7 II as my backup camera body and a series of Sony lenses.

What Equipment do you use?

Yes! I have public liability and professional indemnity insurance with Hiscox Insurance. I am happy to show proof of this upon request.

Do you have insurance?

Is it possible to see a full wedding?

Yes of course! I am happy to send you a link to a full gallery if you would like to see how I shoot through the day.


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